Coatema Universal Coater. For all processes without coating head change.

Coatema Universal Coater

Short charachteristic - Universal Coater

The Universal Coater makes it possible to realise different processes with one single coating head. This means that as well the roller and air knife, the roller application system, the foulard as well as e.g. the rotary screen printing system can be used, which is possible by changing the processes in the coating head.

This revolutionary concept facilitates a product-related production without changing   the coating head of the plant. If required, each of the 38 different Coatema application systems can be integrated into the coating head.    

Versatility from the beginning. The Universal Coater can be delivered in EEx as well as in IP54, with different versions of the coating roller like e.g. chrome-plated or as rubber roller or with a manual or motoric gap adjustment. Pneumatic quick ventilation and massive layout of the roller bar with correspondingly designed pneumatic cylinders to keep the knife in the precise position even with larger coating widths. As part of the Coatema quality, these items go without saying.


  • rugged construction method
  • manual or motoric adjustment
  • cost-effective initial investment
  • can be retrofit with additional application aggregates at any time
  • high coating quality
  • can be integrated into existing plants at any tim
  • EEx version possible

Additonal options

  • Thickness gauge
  • Pulling device
  • Integrated edge guiding