Successful partnerships have shaped Coatema's development. As a former SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises), it was important to work in networks in order to be globally competitive. This approach has shaped Coatema's corporate vision to the present day.

How can a small company efficiently tap new markets with a view to providing the best possible benefits for customers? As an example, the brands TEMICOAT and COMEDCO were born out of two successful cooperations that exemplify the potential success of the network approach.

SME, Small and medium enterprises, are faced with the challenge of how to tap complex new and existing markets with available resources and means. Technology is developing at a rapid pace and today's product life cycles are increasingly shorter and subject to global competition.

Success in these markets requires focusing on core competences and tapping into other technologies that are required in the vertical or horizontal value creation chain via cooperative partners or networks.

The brands TEMICOAT and COMEDCO are examples of successful partnerships of this kind resulting from cooperations with  innovativ and competence partners Temicon GmbH and Optima Life Science GmbH.

Temicoat offers solutions for microstructured and nanostructured surfaces. Temicon provides the entire value creation chain from the calculation of optical structures to the creation of the „master original“ for the structures. The components are then created from this master original and used in a Coatema plant developed especially for this process. Customers can find a complete solution from the Temicoat brand name and have a single point of contact for the entire process.

For the COMEDCO brand, which uses Coatema's R&D facilities and coating/drying technologies, the approach is rather different. Optima is one of the largest providers of medical and pharmaceutical technology. Optima has unique converting solutions but, until now, had not been able to offer the required upstream process technology. The technology for the coating of oral films and transdermal patches is a core competence of Coatema.

Through the shared COMEDCO brand, the two companies are now able to offer an entire value creation chain, giving the customer a complete solution.

Coatema will be using this cooperative approach in further areas in order to offer complete solutions to our customers.


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