Coatema Headquater

Coatema is located in Dormagen between two metropolises; Düsseldorf and Cologne in northwest Germany. Most of our sub-suppliers are located within 50 kilometers of the Coatema works.

We can guarantee shorter lead times because we work with primarily local suppliers.

Our Research & Development Center (R&D Center) is directly connected to our machine engineering facilities for the best coordinated customer service.


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Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH

Roseller Straße 4
41539 Dormagen



Worldwide representatives

As an international supplier we offer a comprehensive support network around the world. For 40 years we continuously expanded our network and work only with customer service oriented companies.

Because of our long and close relationship with our representatives we are able offer region specific technical support on-site.

Besides our R&D Centre in Germany our North American representative offers its own R&D Centers in Wisconsin, Michigan and, Ohio. Also our Asian representatives have availability at selected R&D partners and institutes.


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