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08. October 2021
  • October
    Hydrogen Online Workshop 2021


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    Coatema will be exhibiting at Hydrogen Online Workshop 2021 as a virtual event – October 8th, 2021.

    Hydrogen Online Workshop (HOW) is a unique interactive workshop platform to discuss the most important questions of the Hydrogen industry. 100+ world class experts, 100+ exhibitors, 15,000+ participants.
    Join the worldwide community and discuss HOW to make the world a better place. 24 hours event, which starts in the morning at 9.00 am.

    Coatema will be exhibition

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    Hydrogen 2021 Lobby

    Foto: Hydrogen online

    For information on this event please contact:
    Marketing Manager Tanja Simone
    Phone: +49 (0) 21 33 / 97 84 – 121

11. October 2021
  • October
    11th Conference & Exhibition on Green Flexible & Printed Electronics Industry

    2021 Coatema Banner 11ce Mail

    Coatema will be at the Conference & Exhibition on Green Flexible & Printed Electronics Industry, October 11th – 12th, 2021.

    This International Conference will bring together Key Industrial Players, End-Users, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Top-class Scientists, Engineers, Policy Makers, Politicians and Representatives from the National, European and International Authorities to discuss, networking, make business and establish the Strategy and Policy for boosting the rapidly evolving Green Flexible & Printed Electronics hundred-Billion euros Industry in Green Energy, Renewable Technologies, Fuel Cells, Green Hydrogen, Energy Autonomous Systems, Lighting, Electronics and Communications, Automotive, Electrical Vehicle, Buildings, Smart Cities, Agriculture, Intelligent Packaging and Security, Health Care, Wearables, IoT, etc. contributing to a Green, Digital, Decarbonized and Circular Economy Society and Planet.

    Topics include:

    • Flexible Organic & Printed Electronics and Photonics
    • Green & Renewable Energy
    • 3rd Generation Photovoltaics
    • Bioenergy, Fuel Cells & Green Hydrogen Generation
    • Energy Storage and Batteries
    • Flexible Lighting and Displays
    • Energy and Lighting for Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Automotive, Greenhouses, Healthcare, IoT
    • Energy Autonomous systems in Consumer Electronics, Smart Packaging, Tourism, Defence, etc.
    • Energy Production and Energy Autonomy in Agriculture and Food Production
    • 3D Printing Electronics in System Integration of Functional Products and Solutions
    • Advanced materials, Semiconductors, Electrodes, High Barrier Materials, Inks and Bioinks
    • Sensors, Biosensors in Wearables, IoT, Health, Agriculture, etc.
    • Manufacturing, Nano-Manufacturing and Processes of FPEs, BioElectronics, etc
    • Smart Textiles, Fashion and Wearables
    • Intelligent and Smart Packaging, Safety and Security
    • Machines, Tools, Lasers, Automation Systems, Robotics, Analytics and AI for Zero-Defect Manufacturing
    • Machines and Tools for Digital Transformation of the Industry
    • FPEs in Green Deal and Decarbonization Global Activities and Policies
    • Clusters and Associations in Flexible & Printed Electronics Worldwide
    • Flexible & Printed Electronics Entrepreneurial activities
    • Markets, Funding & Commercialization Opportunities

    Coatema will exhibit at the Conference & Exhibition on Green Flexible & Printed Electronics Industry 2021 and is Bronze Sponsor.

    Mr. Thomas Kolbusch is invited speaker at the conference:
    „The pathway to a printed electronic industry – digital production – Artificial intelligence for process improvement and sustainability in the production process for coating printing & laminating for printed electronics“

    Mr. Dr. Julian Koc-Richter is invited speaker at the conference:
    „Tailored roll to roll equipment for green flexible electronics manufacturing"

    coatema bronze sponsor

    Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens, Greece

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    For information on this event please contact:
    Marketing Manager Tanja Simone
    Phone: +49 (0) 21 33 / 97 84 – 121

    Athens, Greece

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