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Expert knowledge about the industry:
Printed, flexible and organic electronics constitute one of the key technologies of this century. From printed PCBs to flexible displays, Coatema is one of the real innovators and developers of technology in this large growth market.

For more than 40 years, Coatema has been designing and producing coating, printing and lamination plants for the most diverse of application areas. Most substrates and chemicals can be processed on the various different plants, whether on piece goods or roll-to-roll products.

It's important here to be able to hold one's ground in the ever-growing market for printed and flexible electronics. The constantly developing technologies such as OLED lighting, signage and displays, organic sensors, intelligent packaging, optical coatings, RFID applications and printed circuit boards have now all been developed or produced on Coatema plants.

At Coatema, developers of large-area materials and manufacturers of flexible electronics can choose Coatema development and production processes that take place in a glove box with an inert atmosphere or under cleanroom conditions.

In the case of coating systems, in addition to digital production such as inkjet and laser structuring, the modification of surfaces through nanostructured or microstructured processes such as NIL is worthy of mention.

Here, intensive cooperation with manufacturers of silver inks such as Genesink and the adaptation of suitable technologies in line with the relevant formulations, such as in the case of nano silver wires, where Coatema is one of the market leaders, should be noted in addition to the plants themselves. This area is completed by a range of research projects that have already been conducted successfully or are currently in progress.


Expert knowledge about processes

  • Printing
  • Coating
  • Laminating
  • Laser structuring
  • Nanoimprinting
  • Surface treatment
  • Encapsulation
  • Pick&Place
  • Photolithography


Scale-up process

In Finland, the PrintoCent Pilot Factory boasts a production line for printed electronics that unites all required processes in a single plant: Gravure printing, inverse gravure printing, flexography printing, rotary screen printing, inkjet printing, hot embossing, stamping and lasering.

For more, detailed information about the topic of printed and organic electronics, see the Website of the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association). Coatema has been an active member since it was founded.




Coatema Slot die system RGB Coatema Knife rakel system RGB Coatema Chamber knife system RGB
Slot die Doctor blade Engraved roller
Coatema Commabar system RGB Coatema Flexography system RGB Coatema 3 Roller system RGB
Commabar Flexography 3-roller system
Coatema 5 Roller system RGB Coatema Microroller system RGB Coatema Hot Melt system RGB
5-roller system Micro roller Hot melt slot die
Coatema Chamber knife system RGB Coatema Nanoimprinting system RGB Coatema Inkjet system RGB2
Rotary screen Nanoimprint Inkjet printing

Application areas

  • Conductive layers
  • Sol-gel method
  • Display
  • RFID
  • OLED
  • Solar cells
  • Graphene printing

Further info material

Further information about organic and printed electronics are on the website of the oe-a (Organic and Printed Electronics Association). Coatema is an active member since their foundation.


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