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Scale-up processes for new, developing markets and high-tech industries:
In new technologies standards are being improved constantly, giving rise to highly efficiency projects.

Much of Coatema’s business focuses on the construction of custom-made machinery to scale-up processes for Roll-to-Roll applications in high-tech industries such as advanced batteries and fuel cells. However, the handling of Sheet-to-Sheet piece goods, as is required in the float glass industry, for example, also forms a significant part of our portfolio. Both Roll-to-Roll and Sheet-to-Sheet processes utilize Coatema's core competences: coating, printing and laminating.

Forty years of experience in traditional machinery construction give Coatema and advantage in scaling up complex processes from the laboratory experiment stage to large industrial solutions.

Here are just some examples of markets in which Coatema has supplied custom-made machinery solutions:

Technical textiles, building-integrated photovoltaics, medicine, bio-sensor technology, fuel cells, batteries, solar cells, flexible electronics, architecture (construction materials), conductive layers, coil coating, glass lamination, membrane plants, prepregs, sol-gel coating plants and thin-film plants.

If you have a special requirement and haven't been able to find the perfect machine for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Some recent Coatema membrane production plants are used to produce filtration membranes for microfiltration and nanofiltration. A primary market for these tools is for reverse osmosis membranes for drinking water purification.

Coatema's coating plants are also be used for special membranes for fuel cells and electrolysis. Special solutions for customer-specific products are also available through our custom-made machinery line.



Printed electronics

As one of the pioneers in plant construction for printed electronics, Coatema has delivered numerous special solutions in the fields of coating, printing and laminating. Projects can include protective gas atmospheres such as nitrogen.

Systems for printed OLEDs are just one example. Integrated machines have also been delivered for hybrid systems.




Coatema’s builds prepreg plants for the production of duroplastic and thermoplastic composites for both glass fiber and carbon fiber impregnation.

Coatema has particular experience in the development of processes and tools for thermoplastics production.




Coatema is currently a leader in the coating of textile structures with nanomaterials and the printing of conductive structures on textiles for use in smart-textiles.

Coatema offer a wide range of lab2fab tools and custom turnkey solutions for technical textiles.




Custom-made machinery for new battery technologies, such as solid state batteries and redox flow batteries, is a recent focus of Coatema's.

Innovative double side and intermittent slot die application systems have been developed as part of Coatema's custom-made machinery for batteries.



Fuel cells

Coatema has been active in the field of automotive fuel cells as an emission-free driving technology for over 20 years.

Coatema supplied the world's first solutions for gas diffusion layers, catalyst-coated membranes and plants for producing seals. Customer-specific solutions have been created for PEMFC, SOFC and AFC.




Organic photovoltaics, dye solar cells, and perovskite solar cells are the dominating flexible solar cell products that will, in the long term, replace silicon-based cells.

Here, too, Coatema has been delivering plants for start-ups as well as leading companies in the flexible solar cell market for more than 20 years.




In addition to coating Roll-to-Roll web-based substrates, Coatema produces tools for Sheet-to-Sheet piece good coating.


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