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Coatings for the medical and pharmaceutical fields form a special area within Coatema's markets. High requirements are set here due to standards such as GMP, but redundant software systems also play a major role.

In the medical sector, the functionalisation of surfaces is an important criterion. Most products come into being only after being coated with chemicals that provide them with their functions. The individual products can be classified into the areas described in the next section.


Hygiene products

These are mostly low-cost products generated through mass production. In this field, the fast take-up and retention of liquids are often required along with simultaneous breathability.


Functional textiles

These products are often used in medical facilities. They are used to create protective clothing and consumable hygiene products. The required functions are somewhat different here. Common features are resistance to water/other liquids and super-absorbency.


Medical/pharmaceutical applications

In these products, the coating refines the substrate and provides added functions. In the case of wound dressings and transdermal systems, for example, the required active ingredients are applied to the substrates with high precision. Transdermal systems include nicotine patches, heat plasters and hormone patches. Here, Coatema offers applications with transdermal systems, TDMS, oral strips and oral disintegrating films (ODFs). During the last few years, Coatema's work has also focused on the diverse application of silicone coatings and hydrogels for dressings technology.

Coatema can also demonstrate complex production plants in the pharmaceuticals sector and provide the corresponding documentation.

The coating of yarns with active ingredients is one of the special applications where Coatema has already supplied products to customers several times.

Detection products such as dialysis and urine test strips currently constitute a strong growth field and Coatema plants are also used in the field of microfluid test systems.

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Scale-up process

At the Coatema R&D centre, test products can be produced in various formats and for different application areas. However, they cannot be produced in accordance with GMP or FDA standards. Nevertheless, in such cases Coatema works closely with specialists who can produce compliant products all around the world with Coatema plants.


Process engineering

Naturally, different procedures are used for the various products and product groups. However, as a general rule, the following points are typical for the production of all of these groups:

  • Application of thin layers at high speed
  • Special surface treatment
  • Cleanliness of coating processes (GMP standard)
  • Ultra-precise recording functions (quality management)
  • Flexible layout with different coating technologies
  • Quality assurance systems
  • Compliance with applicable laws (e.g. environmental regulations such as ATEX, VOC etc.)


Application areas

  • Plasters and patches
  • Operating theatre materials
  • Detection strips
  • Wound dressings


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