Coatema Calender EA35 02

Calender solutions for all requirements:
For textiles, batteries and the structuring of surfaces.

The Coatema calender programme includes small laboratory systems as well as large production calenders with a working width of 100 mm to 2,000 mm and line forces of 6 tonnes (pneumatic) up to peak values of 80 tonnes (hydraulic).

The calenders can be integrated into existing plants as individual systems. Piece good guidance is available as well as complete Roll-to-Roll calender lines with winding/unwinding and web cleaning.

Coatema calenders are characterised by high surface quality with regard to both evenness and true running accuracy. The rollers can be equipped with a rubberised surface or can be chrome-plated. Special surfaces can also be used for special requirements. Gap adjustment takes place manually or driven by a motor with µ precision. Coatema calenders avoid sag, even at high forces, to ensure very accurate gap adjustment.

The rollers can be heated inductively or using thermal oil. The chrome-plated rollers can be heated to 400°C and the rubberised rollers can be heated to 130°C. The temperature accuracy of the rollers is +/- 1°C.

The product areas of Coatema calenders range from batteries and fuel cells to textile applications and prepreg materials.

In high-tech areas such as printed and organic electronics, Coatema also offers special calender variants that are used for the nano-structuring of surfaces (hot embossing or nanoimprinting).

Vision QC systems for surface checking and thickness/grammage measurement can also be included.

Coatema calenders are offered for your existing plants and as part of a complete plant designs.



  • Compact design for laboratory calenders
  • High true running accuracy
  • Precise gap adjustment
  • Highly accurate temperature distribution


Possible equipment options

  • Sleeve technology for micro-structuring and nano-structuring
  • Motor-driven gap adjustment
  • Top quality control
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic pressure systems


Application areas

  • Batteries
  • Textiles
  • Printed electronics
  • Thermal nanoimprinting


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