Pilot machinery

Pilot machines prepare the way for production machines:
The knowledge gleaned from pilot machine operations is invaluable in enabling production machine operations.

Pilot machines are used to develop critical scalable processes and produce small product quantities. Process parameters can be adjusted during the „pilot“ process in order to achieve the desired „full“ production results.

These machines can be considered advanced laboratory machines used to demonstrate production-ready or almost production-ready, capabilities. Coatema offers pilot plant working widths from 300 mm to 1,000 mm using the same standardised modular structure as their laboratory machinery. The Coatema pilot plant layout boasts a high level of precision and accuracy with a commitment to a modular design and maximum flexibility.

Coatema’s patented development of the Click&CoatTM modular concept, set new standards for pilot machinery design. Some Coatema pilot machines are used to manufacture products using new technologies. Here, our lab2fab concept offers simple scalability for larger production quantities or higher production rates.

Quality assurance systems can be integrated into Coatema tools, such as thickness measurement, surface monitoring, spectroscopy and more, play an increasingly important role.

Our cooperation partners can deliver inline converting systems for Roll-to-Roll goods that are traditionally located downstream.

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Our pilot machinery

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