Coatema SC Rendering

The versatile Roll-to-Roll laboratory platform for printing, coating and laminating:
Quick adjustment of modular coating systems.

The Smartcoater is a unique laboratory machinery that can reproduce complex processes in a variable compact form. The Smartcoater is suitable for experienced users and newcomers to coating, printing and laminating technologies.

With working widths up to 300 mm, standardised assemblies and a modular layout the Smartcoater is a fast, cost-effective laboratory or small pilot production tool.

The Smartcoater can delivery complex products with a minimal use of substrates and chemicals and a short setup time.

More than thirty modular coating and printing systems can be quickly and easily mounted. Technologies including inkjet can be exchanged using a Plug&Play system and any number of 1,000 mm dryer systems can be used. From electrically heatable dryers, NIR and infrared to UV-crosslinked systems, the Smartcoater can be fitted with the systems of your choice.

Both wet and dry lamination can be used and corona pre-treatment, web cleaning and systems for web edge control can be integrated.

Precise tension regulation, in the single-digit newton range, can be maintained using measuring rollers. Accurate start-up curves allow the use of very thin or tension-sensitive materials.

A wide range of options and equipment possibilities allow our customers to configure their optimum plant configuration.

In a standard version for technology newcomers the Smartcoater can be fitted with a 6-in-1 application system.

The Smartcoater, like all Coatema laboratory systems and pilot machines, can be tested at the Coatema R&D centre in Dormagen, Germany.




  • Fast test runs with short setup times
  • Compact R&D system that's easy to operate and maintain
  • Over 30 different coating configurations possible
  • Virtually unlimited drying and curing possibilities
  • Efficient use of chemicals and substrates for tests and short runs
  • Reproducible test results
  • High precision and accuracy in all processes
  • Scalable results enabling data to be transferred to production processes
  • Reverse operation allowing complex layers to be applied efficiently
  • EEx design
  • Glove box or inert housing design possible
  • Customer-specific solutions can be easily realised, including: a Smartcoater as a nanoimprinting unit, as a pilot-plant for the production of filtration membranes, or many other advanced technologies

Possible equipment options

    Coating systems

    5-in-1 coating system:

    • Doctor blade
    • Slot die
    • Gravure printing roller
    • Micro roller
    • Foulard
    • Commabar (optional)
    • Rotary screen printing (optional)
    • Impregnation (optional)



    • Virtually unlimited
    • individually controlled Hot air dryers
    • IR dryer
    • NIR dryer
    • UV systems
    • Photonic curing


    Optional equipment

    • Inkjet
    • Corona/plasma pre-treatment
    • Web cleaning
    • Web edge control
    • Register control
    • Over 30 modular coating systems
    • Hot air dryer/infrared/NIR/UV/photonic curing
    • Lamination of encapsulated foils
    • Delamination
    • Nanoimprinting unit
    • Quality control

Application areas

  • Printed electronics
  • Solar cells
  • Textiles
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Batteries
  • Fuel cells
  • Silicone coating
  • Medicals
  • Pharmaceuticals

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