Dryers & crosslinking systems

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Perfect drying ensures high quality for coating or print processes.

Demanding quality requirements for coatings and innovative substrates require precisely defined and controlled temperatures and dwell times for optimum drying and curing. Many traditional dryer designs do not meet these requirements. Coatema has developed new methods for precise temperature and air guidance. Coatema dryers are tailored to the relevant coating and conveying system for speed, tensile strength and tensioning. This process must be reproducible from day to day and batch to batch.

Coatema’s patented air nozzle system for the air dryers are critical for quality drying in many applications. In the Coatema Moduldry (see the illustration on the right), this system ensures even, controlled airflow and temperature guidance across the entire width and length of the section at all points in the drying duct. As the name implies the Moduldry has a modular design. The Moduldry is available in an EEx design. The Coatema Moduldry can be heated with thermal oil, electrically or with gas.

As an ATH Group company, Coatema can now integrate the special flotation dryer by sister company Drytec and optimise it for the many applications.

Crosslinking (chemically joining two or more molecules) of adhesive and other materials using UV-LEDs is also possible in the Moduldry. Inert UV systems with a working width of up to 2,800 mm are available.

Many drying and curing systems are available at our R&D centre and can be used for diverse product developments.


We offer the following dryers:

  • Hot air, electrical, thermal oil heated and gas heated
  • Infrared
  • UV systems
  • NIR systems
  • Flotation dryers
  • Multi-zone dryers
  • Photonic drying systems



  • Optimised drying in all working widths
  • Energy-efficient drying for production plants
  • Combinations of drying and/or crosslinking methods
  • Continued development of new systems such as photonic drying with lasers


Possible equipment options

  • Electrical, gas, steam, or thermal oil heated
  • Roller-aided dryers, belt dryers, tensioning frame dryers, and flotation dryers
  • Air drying in combination with infrared for water-based coating systems
  • Inert dryer design available
  • ATEX design available
  • GMP design available


Application areas

  • Printed electronics
  • Membranes
  • Batteries
  • Fuel cells
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Solar cells

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