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The R&D centre project team works with an interdisciplinary team of researchers in publicly funded projects, B2B development projects and internal Coatema research projects. The department's objective is to develop and recognise new developments in the fields of coating, printing and lamination and to drive forward the implementation of Coatema scale-up processes for new technologies and markets.

Both the scope of activities and our portfolio encompass projects in the field of organic electronics, printed electronics, thin layer solar cells, organic solar cells, perovskite solar cells, (thin layer) batteries, electrochrome components, 2D materials, inline analysis methods and much more. Since 2002, we've carried out research projects with a volume of more than 80 million euros in collaboration with more than 110 national and international partners. In the near future, one focal point of our research will be the implementation of Horizon 2020 projects and the subsequent promotion of research in EU Horizon Europe projects. In order to further strengthen the European research region, we are always interested in taking part in new projects. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your project ideas.

We work in the areas mentioned above in collaboration with many international research institutes. The presentation about our research projects provides you with an initial overview of our activities.



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