Diverse application experience:
Coatema's success lies in the diversity of its market strategy being active in established production markets while cultivating new technology market. New markets having seen a major increase over the past 20 years.

Our 40-year corporate strategy of focusing on innovation has allowed us to tap growth markets with new technologies for coating, printing and laminating.
Innovators from many sectors have recognised our potential and used it to work with us profitably in: solar cells, fuel cells, nanotechnology, batteries, textiles, films, pharmaceuticals and more.
Nothing will change in this regard in the future. We will continue to focus on scaling technologies from „lab2fab“ as well as on the integration of new technologies such as lasers, nanoimprinting and inkjet into our lab pilot and production products.

Coatema is the perfect partner for anyone who needs help to drive their ideas forward towards realisation. Thanks to our know-how and application experts in our core competencies, we can do this regardless of the market.

Below is an overview of our most important growth markets.


Kachel Coatema Renewables Kachel Coatema Printedelectronics Kachel Coatema Glass Kachel Coatema Medicine

Kachel Coatema Membranes Kachel Coatema Pharmaceuticals Kachel Coatema Prepreg Kachel Coatema Textile

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