Laboratory machinery

Coatema's unique lab2fab concept starts with the laboratory machinery platforms. Laboratory machinery is designed for use in research and development. It is used to develop processes and products.

As a rule, these machines are relatively small with working widths of up to 300 mm and a low space requirement.

Typically, single-piece (Sheet-to-Sheet) systems, like Coatema’s Easycoater and TestSolution S2S for the creation of product samples in DIN A4 and larger formats are used. For continuous-rolls (Roll-to-Roll) systems like Coatema’s Smartcoater and Test Solution Roll-to-Roll series are available. The trend towards customer-specific plant layouts to mimic, on a small scale, large production plants, is a trend for laboratory machinery. Coatema has set the standard in the field of laboratory scale coating, printing and laminating.

Coatema designs all of their machines in accordance with the highest international standards and with scalability in mind to keep the promise of lab2fab (laboratory to production) consistency and compatibility.

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Our laboratory machinery

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