22 May 2014

Among the top five

Coatema at the IHK Innovation Award 2014

The Coatema Thin Film Coater / Printer was nominated for one of the best innovations of 2014

2014 05 IHK Innoaward

Dormagen, GERMANY – Yesterday the Chamber of Industry and Commerce awarded the prize of innovation and research for the 6th time. The awarding took place at the Montsforts Quartier in Mönchengladbach and some leading companies introduced fascinating innovations.

Over 40 companies took part at this competition and the Coatema Thin Film Coater/Printer was nominated and is one of the best five innovations of 2014!

The Thin Film Coater is a high precision laboratory tool for sheet-to-sheet operation which can coat and print in one step. The unit is designed to combine highly accurate applications of sub-micrometer layers.

The compact, robust, coater moves the substrate back and forth beneath the application systems mimicking the parameters and characteristics of a continuous roll-to-roll coating process.

The standard application system can combine: gravure printing; screen printing; flexographic printing and slot die. Additional systems are available on request. Alignment works with servo drives to allow precision sub-micrometers accuracy. Registration control can be embedded if needed.


Lea Schmidt, Marketing Executive