18 April 2024

Pioneering the Future of Advanced Coating and Printing Solutions

2024 Coatema Artikel in PRO Flexconvert

Coatema offers lab and pilot machinery product lines for deep tech markets like batteries, solar, prepregs, medical, fuel cells, green hydrogen, and printed electronics. The upscaling of these technologies from lab2fab is the company vision.

At the forefront of technological innovation, Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH proudly leads the industry in providing cutting-edge coating and printing solutions for a variety of high-tech sectors such as batteries, solar energy, prepregs, medical devices, fuel cells, green hydrogen, and printed electronics. What truly distinguishes Coatema is our specialization in developing both Sheet-to-Sheet and Roll-to-Roll equipment.

Our mission goes beyond merely supplying equipment, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the translation of laboratory breakthroughs (lab2fab) into scalable, real-world applications. This commitment ensures that our clients maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets. Our expertise is showcased by our expansive Research and De-velopment center, the largest in Europe, which hosts over 10 pilot lines. With a focused team engaged in more than 12 publicly funded projects, we not only offer equipment but also provide comprehensive services for both process optimization and product development. This integrated approach guarantees that our clients receive unrivaled support at every stage of their journey. Choose Coatema as your partner for a future where innovation converges with practi-cality and aspirations evolve into tangible accomplishments.

„Coatema’s success is driven by a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, a wide range of specialized coating equipment and outstanding R&D performance supported by Europe’s leading technical centre. Let us create the future together.”
Christopher Barton, Director Sales

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