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Basecoater and Basecoater 3G

Continuous coating of small quantaties

The Basecoater is a continuous Roll-to-Roll Coater

The Basecoater was designed to coat reproducible substrates and chemistry combinations with materials consumption rate as low as possible.

With a working width from 200mm up to 500 mm, the Basecoater can be used for a variety substrates such as textile, foil, paper and non-woven. The coater was designed to offer maximum flexibility for reproducing production and trial run lengths.

The Basecoater utilizes a quick-change modular coating application system.  It can include foularding, laminating and an efficient electric-heated dryer. A SPS-control system completes the resemblance to a large coating line.

This is why the Basecoater is often used by customers for yarn coating or belt substrates.

Coatema Bascoater50 freiCoatema Basecoater3g frei


Basecoater (example)

Coatema BC50 Zeichnung


1. Unwinder | 2. Contact Cleaning | 3. Corona | 4. Pulling device | 5. Edge sealing system | 6.Coating device | 7. Inert Dryer | 8. Thickness measurement | 9. Edge sealing system | 10. Rewinder



Basecoater 3G (example)

Coatema BC3G Zeichnung


1. Unwinder and Delamination | 2. Bath system | 3. Drying unit (500 mm) | 4. Coating device | 5. Drying unit (1.500 mm) | 6.Infrared | 7. Cooling unit & Pulling device | 8. Edge sealing system | 9. Lamination | 10. UV unit & Rewinder | 11. Pulling device & cutting system | 12. Coating unit